Natural Environment

Within the wine appellation, we understand the region’s landscape to be part of the region’s identity and its cultural values. This rich heritage is the foundation of our eminently agricultural-based community. Our community has found a way to live in harmony with its environment, basing its influence on the preservation of the area’s natural values. We would like, and in fact need, to continue this way.  

In a world which recognises the extreme value of areas of unspoilt countryside, we must not forget that our natural environment is also an economic resource, which should not be destroyed by careless or aggressive human activity. An unspoilt landscape adds value to quality produce and remains synonymous with work well done as well as an example of respect and environmental sustainability.

The D.O. Montsant has taken clear steps, along with other institutions, to promote a charter for the preservation of our natural heritage. Our commitment extends to cover the county’s bid for having the region’s landscape declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.